Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes on ecoeats

It’s Veganuary, but that doesn’t mean that takeaways are out of bounds! In fact, sticking to your Veganuary pledge couldn’t be easier with ecoeats. Read more about our partners’ vegan and veggie meals here, and look out for the green (v) tag on vegan dishes on our menus.

Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes on ecoeats

Alongside recognising the importance of local, seasonal, and healthy food, we prioritise vegan and vegetarian dishes on the ecoeats menus wherever possible. Not all of our partner restaurants are fully plant-based; however, most offer delicious vegetarian and vegan options. Here, we give you an overview of some of the dishes our partners have on offer, throughout Veganuary and beyond!

Birchwood Food Emporium

St Andrews’ local organic and whole foods shop is just the place to look if you’re searching for plant-based ingredients for your meals. From fresh (unpackaged!) fruit and vegetables, nut butters, seeds and pulses, to tasty meat and dairy alternatives (smoked tofu and sheese? Yes please!), Birchwood is your one-stop vegan shop. To see their full list of produce and to order zero-emissions delivery to your door, click here.


It seems Brewdog’s world-famous wings haven’t escaped Veganuary either. Truly, we think their spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings are pretty unbeatable. Order to share with a side of sweet potato fries and vegan-mayo dip, or dip into Brewdog’s selection of vegan burgers  with Beyond Meat, Temple of Seitan, and jackfruit patties to choose from.

Temple of Seitan Wings, Brewdog. 

Blackhorn Burgers

Alongside their Green Burger (a mouthwatering combination of sliced aubergine, goats cheese, sun blushed tomato and relish), Blackhorn offer a selection of vegetarian wraps, including the Sinatra Wrap (below).

Sinatra Wrap (hummus, harissa, goats cheese, avocado, rocket), Blackhorn Burgers.


CombiniCo are awesome for a whole load of reasons: colourful, minimalist presentation, closed-loop compostable packaging, and 100% traceable produce. They are also a go-to for veggie-packed meals. Try their Fresh Tofu Bowl or Spring Vegetable Sushi Roll  CombiniCo also add dishes according to seasonal availability, so keep your eyes out for new vegan options that may appear!

Fresh Tofu Bowl (tangy and sweet miso marinated tofu cubes, served on rice with cucumber, marinated carrots, red cabbage and edamame, topped with a slightly spicy Korean dressing), CombiniCo.


“Fresh, minimalist and modern” is CombiniCafe’s style, “with an emphasis on plant-based and vegetarian teas, sandwiches and pastries”. You can’t go wrong with their oat milk matcha latte, accompanied by a slice of vegan lemon poppyseed cake.

Matcha Latte, CombiniCafe.

Dr Noodles

Healthy noodle and rice boxes are what Dr Noodles is best known for. Build your own and pack it with veggies, topped with your choice of mild or spicy vegetarian sauce. Get it delivered piping-hot to your home - the perfect choice for a movie night in!

Veggie noodle box, Dr Noodles.


In the mood for something homely? This family-run cafe is a must-try, whether it’s brunch time (try their special hot Waffley Berry waffles sprinkled with cinnamon) or you just need a treat. Where else can you get a whole pizza box-full of Vegi Nachos from?!


We love the meat-free version of JarviesMuchacho Mac n’ Cheese, topped with veggie chilli, guac, salsa & sour cream. Followed by their classic Vegan Apple Crumble, and you’ve got yourself a feast!

Vegan Apple Crumble, Jarvie’s.

Kyoto Kitchen

Kyoto Kitchen presents a variety of authentic Japanese ramen dishes. For a vegan option, try Sapporo Ramen: Fresh ramen in a shoyu miso broth served with tofu. Topped with shitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, wakame (seaweed) and menmma (preserved bamboo shoots). Alternatively, build your own vegan Chirashi (sushi bowl) with up to four delicious toppings including tofu, jackfruit, sweet potato and avocado.

Le Rendezvous

A spotlight dish at this Italian takeaway is conveniently vegan: Le Rendezvous’ Mediterranean Vegan Spaghetti, loaded with baked aubergine, zucchini, roasted mixed peppers, caramelised onions and mushrooms in a Neapolitana sauce. Even better, all of their vegetarian pizzas, baguettes and wraps can be made vegan upon request.

Mediterranean Vegan Spaghetti, Le Rendezvous.

Little Italy

You’ll struggle to find a more authentic Italian restaurant in St Andrews, and with ecoeats you can beat the crowds and order to your home! Little Italy has numerous vegetarian dishes on their menu. In the pasta section, our favourites include Spinach and Ricotta Canneloni and Pumpkin Tortelli. Their Pizza Favorita (topped with tomato, mozzarella, goat's cheese, caramelised red onion and spinach drizzled with balsamic glaze) is also a must-try for veggie lovers.

Pizza Favorita, Little Italy.


In the mood for Indian? Maisha’s menu has a whole section dedicated to ‘Traditional Vegetarian Dishes’ - twenty-one to be precise. From mild to hot, greens to dahl, you’ll be sure to find exactly the type of dish you’re looking for.

Northpoint Cafe

The place to look for vegetarian brunch, toasties, and bagels. Northpoint Cafe’s Vegan Tortilla Wrap is a sure winner, packed with hummus, red onion, roasted peppers, and fresh falafel. Yum!

Vegan Tortilla Wrap, Northpoint Cafe.

Rocca Deli

We all love Rocca Deli for its famous hand-made Italian ciabattas, and vegans are no exception. If you haven’t yet, try their Vegano Toasted Ciabatta with sun-blushed tomatoes, hummus, and artichokes. Or, build your own, with up to three toppings!

St Andrews Brewing Co Brewpub

BrewCo have an abundance of hearty vegan and veggie options. We are partial to the Vegan BrewCo Burger with a side of salted fries, but they also offer other delicious vegan treats including Loaded Fries or Nachos with veggie or vegan chilli, Cauliflower Wings and a range of veggie pizzas. It doesn’t get better than that.

Vegan BrewCo Burger, St Andrews Brewing Co Brewpub.

Saints Sizzle

They say that at Saints Sizzle, you will experience a plant-based cheeseburger and fries “like no other”. Layered with vegan cheese, SaintsSauce, and optional pickles and mustard, sandwiched between a soft, sweet bun… it’s a yes from us!

Plant-based Cheeseburger, Saints Sizzle.

The Adamson

If you’re searching for creative flavour combinations and beautiful presentation, look no further than The Adamson. This award-winning Scottish restaurant offers unique vegan dishes, from starters to desserts. Try their twist on Butternut Squash, Roasted Cauliflower, or their Avocado and Beetroot Salad if you fancy something lighter. Wash it all down with a delicious, freshly-shaken cocktail (or two)!

The Criterion

Gone veggie but still craving your meaty favourites? While dedicated to traditional Scottish pub food, The Criterion has kept herbivores in mind, offering a number of veggie meat alternatives - such as vegetarian haggis and sausages - as options throughout their menu. They’ve also put a veggie twist on their famous Cri’ Pie, with Macaroni Cheese and Butternut Squash, Goats Cheese and Spinach as two of the fillings you can choose from.

The Räv

Last but by far the not least, you can count on The Räv for a plant-based meal that makes the most out of local, seasonal produce. Their wild mushroom Potato Dumplings are just one of our favourites from their ever-evolving menu. See The Räv’s menu for their latest dishes.

Winter Salad, The Räv.