Track your Saved CO2 Emissions!

Track your Saved CO2 Emissions!

Zero emissions delivery? You can now track your CO2 emission savings by choosing to order with ecoeats!

We’re committed to developing a delivery model that gives power back to the bike, reduces emissions and creates a healthier community for all. One way we thought we could visualize the amazing impact this community is having is via a tracker for all of your total saved CO2 emissions from delivering with ecoeats!

ecoeats is founded on fairness, both for people and planet. As we grow and continue to deliver a fairer deal, we’re excited to finally be able to share some of the impacts we’re having - starting, of course, with impacts you yourself are driving with every push of the pedal!


How are my saved CO2 emissions calculated?

When you place an order with ecoeats, we calculate the distance our riders have travelled to get to your destination from your chosen restaurant/business, all whilst delivering your order!  We then estimate the CO2 emissions saved by choosing zero emissions delivery (using the CO2-per-kilometer average of a non-ecoeats delivery journey), and this figure is added to your ecoeats CO2 total!

What data do you use to calculate CO2 emissions?

We use the CO2 per kilometer average as defined by the European Environment Agency.

Why do you calculate CO2 emissions?

CO2 emissions are one of the most well-known for raising climate awareness, as they are one of the most proliferous greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.

Although we only calculate CO2 emissions, choosing bike delivery also saves on NOx, SOx and other toxic emissions from combustion engine delivery. Saving on these invisible emissions also help contribute to better air quality and a safer community for all. Although most of our fleet is bike delivery as the most grassroots and community-first delivery method, a small portion of our deliveries are also completed by 100% battery-electric vehicle; this means the exact same emissions savings, just a bigger mode of transport!

How is my contribution helping to shape the delivery industry?

Delivery emissions are on the rise as last-mile deliveries are increasingly being delegated to larger and higher-emitting combustion vehicles across the delivery industry. Helping to reverse this trend by supporting zero emissions delivery, as well as supporting local riders and our local independent community, all creates the greener, more sustainable kind of delivery industry we want to see!

By supporting ecoeats, you are not only saving on CO2, but also making a statement to big deliverers that this is the kind of shift we want, and that we need, for the health of people & planet.

How can I be even greener?

Our CO2 tracker is not by any means an end goal. We aim to encourage all forms of climate positivity, and the more you can get involved in, the better!

Some of our recent blogs include reducing and composting your food waste, foraging for organic and local supplies, as well as how to reduce plastic waste in your kitchen.

There are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help push for a greener planet, all it takes is a first step!

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