The Green Scene Must-Knows of St Andrews

The Green Scene Must-Knows of St Andrews

St Andrews has always punched above its weight when it comes to student resources, initiatives, clubs and societies. They are what make this little town and its robust community unique. But if you’re new in St Andrews (frankly, even if you’re a weathered returner), it can be hard to keep track of all the resources at your disposal.

The green scene in St Andrews is the source of some of the most indispensable initiatives this town has to offer. In this article, we’ve gathered a selection of the best resources to help you lead as sustainable and fulfilling a life as possible in this little corner on the east coast of Fife.

On the Food Front

1. ecoeats

You guessed it! Here at ecoeats we’re committed to meeting all of your takeaway needs and desires, with a crucial emphasis on zero emissions delivery that sets us apart from certain other competitors out there (we won’t drop any names).

We’ve partnered with cafés and restaurants all across St Andrews to bring you the biggest and best variety of takeaway options. Not only that, now that we’ve partnered with Birchwood Food Emporium we can deliver a wide selection of organic, locally sourced produce and pantry essentials from their shop on South Street.  

Order online or download the app to have meals and groceries delivered right to your doorstep, whether you’re staying in private accommodation or halls of residence.

This is also your opportunity to get involved! If you’ve got your own bike and want to ride with us, simply download the ecoeats Rider app (for iOS or Android) and fill out the in app registration form. Our community is booming and continually expanding, so now is the time to take a ride on the green side.

Want to know more about being an ecorider? Check out our blog post on becoming a delivery rider with ecoeats.

ecoeats | zero-emissions delivery
Delicious, zero-emissions takeaway and grocery delivery. Get the food you love delivered without a drop of emissions.

2. The Tree

When it comes to your weekly shop, Transition’s non-profit student cooperative The Tree has got you covered. Bringing you local, organic and Fairtrade staples, The Tree focuses on affordable prices and avoids plastic packaging as much as possible.

Even under Covid regulations, you’ll be thrilled to hear it’s pretty much business as usual for The Tree this year. Its only change is rather appealing: traditionally operating largely through pick-ups, home deliveries will now abound!

Browse your options on their website and order online. The Tree can deliver to private accommodation or halls.

If you’re interested in getting involved behind-the-scenes, contact Transition. They welcome volunteers with open arms (strictly adhering to physical distancing regulations, of course) and you may even have the opportunity to take the cargo bike for a spin around town!

The Tree St Andrews -
The Tree is a non-profit student cooperative dedicated to bringing local, organic, and fairtrade staples to the whole St Andrews community at affordable prices. Localising our food in where we shop and what we consume is a great way to support local business but also reduce the carbon footprint of o…

3. Edible Campus

Another Transition project, Edible Campus provides the St Andrews community with the opportunity to eat more locally than you ever thought possible. Hidden in plain sight are fourteen community gardens across town. Volunteer some time to develop or hone your gardening skills and, quite literally, enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your labour.

Absolutely no experience is required and they hold regular sessions — so come along at a time which suits you. Check out their Facebook page for more information and contact Transition if you’d like to get involved. Perhaps you’d even like to take on your own veggie patch as a garden leader!

Edible Campus St Andrews
Edible Campus St Andrews. Gefällt 1.049 Mal. Edible Campus aims to reinvigorate skills, knowledge and interest in eating more locally while increasing the volume and variety of food grown on campus

Sharing and Swapping (A.K.A. Free Stuff)

1. St And Reuse

True to its zero waste mission, this Transition project gathers and gives away unwanted items which are mostly collected at the end of each year from halls and stored year round.

If you’re a returning student, you may remember the thrilling and highly-anticipated mayhem that was St And Reuse’s annual Big Giveaway at the start of each academic year. This year will see a change in proceedings as the Big Giveaway isn’t happening, but is being replaced with something even better! A series of mini giveaways will take place throughout September, 3-5pm on every weekday, at the St And Reuse storage sheds.

Booking is required so make sure you grab a slot to find all the kitchenware, stationary and clothes you could possibly need for the upcoming year! Other than clothes, which go for £5 for five items, everything is free or donate-as-you-feel. Contact [email protected] to get yourself a 25 minute drop-in slot.

Visit the St And Reuse Facebook page to find out more about this project and contact Transition if you’d like to get involved.

St And Reuse
Looking to get rid of stuff or second-hand style your life? You’re in the right place. Its cheap (or free), accessible, eco-friendly and a stylish way to be! St AndRe-Use is a reuse project in St...

2. Bike Pool

Looking to get a bike for the year? Don’t want the hassle of buying one, selling again or finding a place to store it? Or do you already have a bike which needs some love and attention?

Bike Pool has the solution to all the above problems. Its mission is to refurbish abandoned and donated bikes, encourage more cycling in town by providing long-term rentals, and offer fix-it sessions to help people become self-sufficient at maintaining their own bikes.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for up-to-date information on the latest rental and fix-it events, and contact Transition if you’d like to volunteer. Go on, crank it up a gear and check out this project — puns aside, we wheelie can’t recommend it enough!

Bike Pool -
The St Andrews Bike Pool is all about getting more people cycling in St Andrews. As a community group we are open to university students, staff and local residents. There are four key areas to this project: 1) We support people to become self-sufficient at fixing and maintaining bikes. 2) We refurbi…

Events and Discussions

1. The Environment Subcommittee

The Environment Subcommittee seeks to help St Andrews students live more sustainably, not least by managing the Interhall Energy Competition and organising the annual Green Week.

They’re already launching events for September, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming discussions and ways to get involved!

Environment Subcommittee St Andrews
Environment Subcommittee St Andrews, St Andrews. Gefällt 1.069 Mal · 17 Personen sprechen darüber. Information and updates related to environmental events and environmental policy at the University...

2. Green Film Festival

In previous years, the Green Film Festival is a week-long festival of screenings and workshops which takes place in February.

This year, Transition are hoping to do more regular screenings and make films available for home viewing, so get ready for some green-themed movie nights! Expect discussion groups after the viewings, too — why not join and be a part of the conversation?

Green Film Festival -
The Green Film Festival takes place each year in the second week of February. Transition introduced the festival to St Andrews as a week-long festival which includes series of documentary films, events and workshops. All targeted toward families and individuals of all ages with an aim at raising awa…

We hope this has helped you feel a little more in-the-know when it comes to the green scene in St Andrews and its unmissable initiatives.

This is just a taste of what’s on offer so keep an eye out for new and upcoming opportunities — but we think these are some of the best!