With urban deliveries peaking higher than ever before, delivery has become the ideal part-time, flexible job for those looking to manage both their own income streams and work patterns.

ecoeats is proud of our zero emissions delivery model: in an industry increasingly tending towards large combustion engine vehicles, we're giving both space and voice back to the bike.

So, earning a sustainable and fair income as a delivery cyclist? We aim to make it more accessible and flexible than ever. You decide when you deliver, you decide which orders to take - and all you need to ride is

  • a bike
  • be 18+
  • a great attitude
  • and you can begin your ecorider journey!

We're currently based in St Andrews and always looking to expand our network of ecoriders, you can apply here and start making zero emission deliveries!

So, who are your ecoriders?

ecoeats is proud to be part of a network of avid cyclists, 100% flexible schedule seekers, and environmentally conscious riders. We spoke with Ameer and Steven to ask their side of the story, their experiences and what we do at ecoeats.

Q: How long have you been delivering with ecoeats?

Ameer: About 2 months.

Steven: From the start, since February.

Q: What's the best thing about being a rider with ecoeats?

Ameer: Probably the best thing is just being able to go on and off, you can plan it around your life, rather than your life around the job.

Steven: Just riding a bicycle and being paid for it. I love riding so that's the attraction for me.

Q: So what does supporting local bike deliveries mean to you?

Ameer: I think it's quite important in St Andrews, especially for a student town that wants to be more environmentally friendly!

Steven: From an environmental point of view, it's much better than using cars and vans. I've also met so many people through the job in St Andrews, it's a great way to meet people with similar interests and it's a great working environment. From a [more] general point of view, if people are encouraged to use their bicycle when they can, it's going to improve their health.

Q: Definitely! And what does zero emissions delivery mean to you?

Ameer: It refers to having your food delivered by a non-car or an electric [vehicle].

Steven: It's the right way to go in my opinion. With some delivery companies, they started with bicycles but have changed it all, [it feels like] it's at least 90% cars now. It's needless, especially in a town like St Andrews, it's just not justifiable.

Q: Is supporting local business also something that's important to you?

Ameer: Yeah, especially in a place like St Andrews. It seems like every year you lose another couple local businesses, so it's quite a big thing to see them supported more strongly and not replaced by a chain [store]. Especially with ecoeats, you don't see any of the big brands, you might end up engaging with a local restaurant that you might not otherwise have done.

Steven: I hate to see every single town and city across the country have exactly the same restaurants. Any focus or any infrastructure that supports local business, I'm all for that!

A word from the ecoeats team

Fairness is central to what we do at ecoeats. Whether it be with ecoriders, partners, or customers. We aim to build a real community, accelerate sustainable transport and promote wider healthier, climate-positive and inclusive culture.

To the ecoriders who make these everyday transitions possible, we just want to say thank you.

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