We're so excited to introduce a tipping function for our delivery riders!

None of the work we do at ecoeats would be possible without the zero-emissions dedication of our delivery riders and their pedal power! The majority of our delivery riders are cyclists (you can read more about the power of urban bike delivery here). Despite braving Scottish wind and hills, even the occasional pothole, our riders always deliver with a smile!

Tipping is an extra click at checkout once you're ready to submit your order, whether a veggie wrap, a fish 'n chips, or your weekly groceries. 100% of these proceeds go to your delivery rider upon confirmation of your order, as they should well do!

We're honestly so proud to have delivery riders who go that extra mile (quite literally) for our customers. We value the work every ecoeats team member does, and, as you've been asking for ways to give back to your delivery rider too, we thought we'd make it as simple as possible.

Now, anyone for a takeaway?

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