🥳 ecoeats is 2 today!

Two years ago today, Phil and Stewart cooked up a pretty awesome concept.

What if food delivery services were kinder to riders and fairer to restaurants? Even better, what if food delivery could

save the planet


Fast-forward to February 2022 and ecoeats is doing just that: making guilt-free, planet friendly takeaway a reality!

With your support, we have:

🌳 Saved nearly 10,000kg of CO2 emissions with 100% zero-emissions deliveries

🌯 Partnered with over 70 independent businesses in

St Andrews



to offer takeaway affordably, efficiently and sustainably

🌍 Ditched the big chains, partnering with local, independent and planet-positive businesses only!

♻️ Kickstarted the transition to zero-waste takeaway with


, becoming the UK's first Circular Economy takeaway platform

We want to say a massive

thank you

to our restaurant partners, delivery riders and, importantly, our customers for supporting ecoeats. Every ecoeats delivery

makes change happen