❄️ Winter Comfort Foods

With winter approaching, I’m sure the one debate we all have on our minds is

what takeaway makes the best comfort food – specifically in the winter time.

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than settling down on the couch

and ordering in some yummy food whilst binging your favourite show. But

what do you choose?

A chippy. A Scottish fan favourite where in some cases it seems some Fish and

Chips can solve anything. We don’t disagree! The tastiest chips smothered in

salt and vinegar, what’s not to love? We take great pride in having some of the

best chip shops in Dundee and St Andrews on our platform – go on, have a look

at Tailend or the Stobbie Chippy and many more! 

Next up to discuss is Indian. With curries of all spices to suit all tastebuds such

as a mild and creamy Korma or maybe something a bit more fiery like a

Chicken Tikka Masala – Indian food definitely knows how to hit the right spot.

Not to mention the delicious accompaniments that come with – Naan breads,

Poppadom’s and a mix of rice options to add that little bit more to your meal.

Many would put Indian as their #1 comfort food and if you’re one of these, why

not check out Tayview Hotel or Maisha on ecoeats! 

Pizza. A simple yet effective option. With endless amounts of toppings, you can

really adapt your pizza to suit whatever mood you’re in. There’s really nothing

better than putting on your favourite film and settling down on the sofa with a

tasty slice of pizza – or 4! If you’re in the mood for pizza we definitely suggest

checking out our several restaurants that offer this tasty Italian treat...

And we can’t forget about Cake and Coffee. Although this could be considered

to some as only a dessert, we say there’s never a wrong time to have a delicious

treat with a cup of coffee. From brownies to carrot cake, cheesecake to Sticky

Toffee Pudding, adding a cup of tea/coffee will only improve and make the

greatest comfort food especially for the winter time.

The list of choices is truly endless and maybe already your stomach is

rumbling… if this is the case why not head on over to ecoeats and see these

cuisines mentioned (and many more) and treat yourself…you deserve it!

Image📸: Little Things Cafe Dundee